BESNE GLISTE – ‘Zugzwang’

Do you lizugzwangke bands such as Bad Brains, Skindred or Eyesburn? Do you like that both seductive and edgy combination of guitar distortions and mighty reggae bass lines? If you do, than this is the right album for you. Turn your volume up and enjoy completely in a 10-track debut album of a young and ambitious Belgrade band BESNE GLISTE (translated literally: Angry worms).  This group represents a strong voice of young and talented Serbian people that are captured in a hopeless capitalistic system destroyed by corruption and bad leadership. Their lyrics are real and honest ones, fulfilled with great desire for absolute and unconditional freedom.

Check this album out for free:



Key tracks:

  • Pobednik
  • Glad
  • Igra Leptira
  • Tišina

Selected lyrics:

You walk along the road of victory, slowly counting your steps
You swallow the sky, bite your clouds
‘Cause you are decision making player, you make only the right steps
You have heart, you have cheeks.
Tired for defeats.
‘Cause we live shamefully to be buried proudly.

And they are coming again,
Bringing chains,
Do you remember years,
‘Cause they go by so quickly,
Wake up, ’cause time is running out,
Shred the forest, emperors of territory .
Put us all in a laboratories.

“Pobednik” (“Winner”)


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