Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians -Intuitions

Althoughintuitions Joe Pilgrim and The Ligerians have been working separately for years, this is the first time they got together to record an album. They didn’t make a mistake at all. Furthermore, this is one of the best roots reggae albums in a long time, without a doubt. This album has all key components one mighty roots album is supposed to have: spiritual and high energy provided by Joe, heavy roots rhythms and sweet melodies of the Ligerians, and strong lyrics that will make you think about the life, reconsider your personal world views and check the reality around yourself. If you ask me, this is the best reggae album of last year.

Check this album out for free:



Key tracks:

  • Lion
  • Travel In Babylon
  • Go Down The River
  • Forward Brothers

Selected lyrics:

Travel in a Babylon with love,
Travel in a Babylon with love, protection…
Do you trust your life in a hands of Man,
’cause the driver is God Lord, Mother, Father.

Too long is your trip,
God doesn’t play dice with your life,
Too long is you trip,
Faith living in Jah words.

This is the movement of a creation,
This is the movement of Jah people.
Stay connecting with your Father,
you will walk the righteous way,
Stay connecting with the Mother,
you will walk in the guided way.
“Travel In Babylon”


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