‘Zarazite’ se novim spotom benda Smoke’n’Soul

Beogradski sastav Smoke’n’Soul predstavio je svoj novi singl pod nazivom “Infection”. Radi se o zaista zaraznoj i moćnoj reggae numeri koja najavljuje njihov novi studijski album. Jedva čekamo da čujemo celo izdanje!


New mix is released

We have just released another mix. This one is quite different from any other we created so far. First of all, artists are not from Balkans, at least majority of them. Secondly, it’s a collection of sweetest reggae-jazz instrumentals. It’s supposed to be relaxing so you can enjoy it whenever you need to cool off or just listen to great music. Share your thoughts on this one. Hope you will enjoy listening to it!

Joe Pilgrim & The Ligerians -Intuitions

Althoughintuitions Joe Pilgrim and The Ligerians have been working separately for years, this is the first time they got together to record an album. They didn’t make a mistake at all. Furthermore, this is one of the best roots reggae albums in a long time, without a doubt. This album has all key components one mighty roots album is supposed to have: spiritual and high energy provided by Joe, heavy roots rhythms and sweet melodies of the Ligerians, and strong lyrics that will make you think about the life, reconsider your personal world views and check the reality around yourself. If you ask me, this is the best reggae album of last year.

Check this album out for free: http://www.deezer.com/album/11487612



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BESNE GLISTE – ‘Zugzwang’

Do you lizugzwangke bands such as Bad Brains, Skindred or Eyesburn? Do you like that both seductive and edgy combination of guitar distortions and mighty reggae bass lines? If you do, than this is the right album for you. Turn your volume up and enjoy completely in a 10-track debut album of a young and ambitious Belgrade band BESNE GLISTE (translated literally: Angry worms).  This group represents a strong voice of young and talented Serbian people that are captured in a hopeless capitalistic system destroyed by corruption and bad leadership. Their lyrics are real and honest ones, fulfilled with great desire for absolute and unconditional freedom.

Check this album out for free: http://www.deezer.com/album/11584414



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